Caroline Palmy

Today on The Positive Vibes Show, your host Pete Cossaboon is joined by Caroline Palmy to talk about her healing webinars.
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We all experiencepain, grief and hurt during our life.
Often the only thing we can do that keeps us from too much pain is to close down our heart.
As good as this is at that moment, it is not good to keep going through life with a closed heart, it keeps us from experiencing the good things too.
Are you ready to feel joy, fun and happiness again fully?Would you love to get back into the flow and ease?
I will guide you through some easy tools to help you to heal your heart.
Gorgeous Mother Mary will support us as well as the essence of rose and crystals like rose quartz.
I invite you to join my Healing Webinar to experience some gorgeous healing of your heart and enjoy feeling freer and more open to the beauty around you, as well as being back in the flow, the flow of love.
We will also dive into a deeply healing meditation, and open our hearts even more. Deep healing happens during my meditations, and I am deeply grateful to guiding you through it, while holding a very safe space for you.
I lovingly invite you to my
Heal Your Heart Online Webinar

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