Divorcing Yourself from Pain

Quote by haruki murakami: “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

What is pain exactly?  Why do we experience it?  Why does it sometimes devastate us and sometimes compel us to move forward?

These are important questions to ask because pain is something that we can count on in life.  Universally speaking, pain is what we experience when we see ourselves differently than how our Higher energy (however you define that) sees you.

Our ego defines us as man/woman, young/old, thin/fat, poor/wealthy and in many different ways.  We know ourselves by where we live, who we come into contact with, how we define our loved ones, our jobs or vocations, etc.  In fact everything in our life, every aspect becomes a marker for who we are as a separate being.

And the term separate is the whole idea behind pain.  The more of a stand alone unit we see ourselves and the more we define ourselves by circumstances and relations to other people and things, the more intense pain we will experience.

Why is this?  Because the only constant in life is change.  So as the world and people around us change, the more we tie our surroundings to the definition of ourself, the more pain we will experience as those ties are cut or changed in some way.

So how do we lessen the pain and make suffering a no go in our life?  We realize some very important truths.

  • No matter what situation you are in, you are loved and well
  • You teach the world who you are by how you define and see yourself
  • No one is requiring you to suffer and your suffering brings no benefit
  • The only way to teach those you care about how to live joyfully is to be an example of it
  • You are separate from nothing.  You are a part of all things and all things are a part of you
  • The way to get new answers to old questions is to change the questions
  • Pain is an indication that you are being asked to try something new

The last point above is how you begin to view pain as a way to bring new life and energy to your world.  Think of pain as a doorway ringed in fire through which you are being asked to walk.  As you walk through it, baggage that you no longer need is burned away so that on the other side you are lighter, freer, and a new expression of yourself.

In every great challenge hides a great opportunity.  Every single story of greatness that you have ever heard about, started with a struggle, a pain point, a challenge.  The people involved in that story had a choice.  Do I move forward through the pain or do I suffer?

Make your next point of pain your next triumph. It is your choice to be victim or victor.  Every painful situation knows that you are stronger than it is.  When we make the painful situation stronger in our minds, the painful situation turns up the heat to make us move forward.  The Universe is a believer in tough love because it is a believer in you.

View pain as your teacher, your friend, your motivator.  Ask what are you here to teach me?  How can I go forward from this?

You can stay stuck or grow.  Choose growth and the possibilities will open to you.

Love Peace Release

Pete Cossaboon

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