Empowerment with Archangel Uriel

What is empowerment?

This is a word that has had a lot of the spotlight of late.  Women, transgender, gays, lesbians, African Americans, Hispanics, and many other groups that have been taken advantage of and overlooked are finding their voice.  The idea that we are all created equal and that we all have the inherent right to have access to every abundance that God has graced this Earth with is a concept that is gaining a lot of ground.

In the past when rights were discussed it was understood that the only person whose rights were being considered were usually wealthy, white, and male.  There was an usually unspoken consensus that if you didn’t belong to that very small class of people, your rights were not given much, if any, thought.

This denial of rights, and therefore designation of an underclass, was created really out of a sense of fear from those in power.  What would happen to the powerful or perhaps even the fabric of society if those out of the privileged few were able to exercise as much power as the privileged?   This fear has created through time an almost maniacal, pervasive need to “keep people in their place.”

One thing I know for sure, the Angels really, and I mean REALLY don’t see color.  They don’t see nationality, religion, sex, age, or any Earthly status other than that you exist when they look at each of us.  Each of us, in the minds of the Angels are equal, we are a part, an equal part of the Universe.  Each of us has just as much right and ability to call upon Angelic power as the other.

What isn’t equal is our sense of belief:  our belief in our worthiness, our belief that there is a Higher Energy that can truly love and care for us, our belief that we can call on as much energy as any other being.  This loss of belief is truly what has been done to those who have been oppressed through time.

Archangel Uriel is the Archangel of Energy.  He works with the energies of the elements.  Wind, rain, waves, thunder, lightning, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and any other movement or force in nature is completely in his control.  When I think of Uriel I see him as tall and reed thin.  He has a deep blue almost purple cloak rimmed in silver.  He holds a long, slender lightning rod in his left hand.  His hair is wild and standing on end, as though he just got struck by lightning (which he probably did 🙂 ).

Uriel helps us with our energy and our power systems.  He helps us to tap into the source of our power, The Universe or one song.  The Universe is a self contained system of which we are wholly a part and which is a part of us.  When you look at any of us, really look at us, you see the entire Universe.  We are intrinsically connected with everything, because we are everything.

The only thing that truly keeps us separate in any way from anyone or anything else is simply our perception.  When we realize that the flow, the power, the limitless energy of the Universal system is on tap for us at a moments notice, we can call in our Angels and receive what is ours.  Resources not used or used wrongly are wasted.  When we never use a stockpile it rots and decays.

It is our right and even our responsibility to call upon this energy, this empowerment for our good.  Angelic resources come to us not before but as we need them.  When we step into faith that what we need will be there at the Perfect Angelic Timing and go forward with confidence and belief, the Universe recognizes our power and responds appropriately.



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