Eradicating Regret: Living a Full Life with Purpose with Archangel Azrael

In Memory of my mother Patricia Ellen Langley

My mother passed away this past June and since then it has been a time of healing, forgiving, and reestablishing connection.  Whenever we have change in life, including when someone dies, we change jobs, or even lose/gain weight there is a point of loss, mourning, grief, pain, and regret that occurs.

Sometimes our excitement over the new change overshadows the transition to where the feeling of loss is not felt, and sometimes we are overwhelmed with these feelings of remorse that can seem to crush us under their weight.

For my mom, she was not a happy woman near the end and made the conscious decision to step out of this life (not through suicide but by simply declaring she was done).  I believe there was a lot of regret, anger, perhaps remorse, and certainly exasperation of unfulfilled wants that occurred.

When someone transitions to non-physical, fortunately we are given the opportunity to continue the relationship and perhaps even heal it and make it more than it ever was.  This is a process of facing what is, forgiving and letting go of old trespasses, and allowing for the possibility of a new frontier of love to grow.

Archangel Azrael, “The Angel of Death”, is here to help us to grieve and release these feelings of guilt, judgement, and shame.  As we call him in with his comforting vanilla cream energy, he envelopes our pain, pulls it into his heart and releases it into all that is so that it may come back as positive.

When someone dies, know that it is not the end.  Broken hearts can be mended, filled in with gold like the Japanese method of Kintsugi, making it even more beautiful and valued.  The Universe wants us to live a life full and with purpose.  Regret is not required.  As Haruki Murakami says, pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice.

Love Peace Release

Pete Cossaboon, The Angel Encourager


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