Life Purpose: Giving Meaning to Our Lives

Why are we here?  I mean really.  Is it just to bumble our way from birth to death?  Is there some grand point to existence or are we just a cog in God’s wheel, on a virtual hamster wheel, constantly moving but getting no where?

Often this is how we feel and it shows in our lack of passion, our lack of connection, and our attention being constantly diverted as we look for the next shiny object.

For many life only has meaning in certain highlighted points in life.  Life is lived at some future dreamed of moment.  Just like Christmas morning as a kid.  Then all the presents are open, the wrapping paper is all over the floor, and it’s all over.  Do we not get to feel alive again for another 365 days?

Archangel Michael and Archangel Chamuel are our Life Purpose Archangel experts.  They teach us the magic in the NOW, the gift of the present moment, the intrinsic value of every day/hour/minute/second.

When we live life outside of now, we are putting too much emphasis on some time in the past or in the future.  Every moment, to Universal mindset, has the same value.  Therefore we are overvaluing some position of time and under valuing what is actually right here with us.

We truly only have right now.  The past is simply a figment of our imagination.  We only believe our past is true because we believe it is.  Society as a whole, has a collective agreement of what has been up to this moment.  Sometimes this agreement is called into question as we find that there are other opinions on what actually transpired in the past.

From this argument about the past we can see that the past is absolutely how we look at it, how we translate it, the story that we create about it.  Stories can be edited and rewritten.  What would happen if we were to change our interpretation of our past?  What would that make us today?

Like the past, the future is simply a mental exercise.  There is truly no way to even prove that it exists because we only have the perspective of the now from which to perform our experiments.

When we give each moment equal attention and importance, we can squeeze all of the juice of life out of every parcel of time.  Our focus into the now makes us truly alive, vibrant, and relevant today, all day long.

With Archangel Michael we have the strength and stamina to feel safe and stand up to what we face now.  We can look right into the face of whatever is trying to make us feel small.  Like any bully, when you truly stand up, in your own power, and calmly look it right in the eye, you see it for the true weakling that it truly is.

With Archangel Chamuel we find the childhood joy and wonder that we lost and we create and strengthen our relationships with our present selves.

As we truly feel safe, begin to see the magic in every moment, and fall back in love with our selves, we are not only ready to face the now, but we are excited about it.

The feeling of fear and the feeling of excitement are the same.  It’s simply how we interpret the short, quick  breath, the sweaty palms, the heightened awareness.  Are we truly scared or are we ready to jump into the joy of it?

The moment hasn’t changed, just your relationship with it.

So now that we are ready to live, fully live today, let’s make this a life worth living.  Let’s truly give it meaning.  How do we do this?  We decide what is important to us and what we want our life to have stood for.

You absolutely have the right and perhaps even the responsibility of deciding what your life means.  To right to decide what your life’s mission or purpose is.  No matter what anyone has told you or tells you, you are the one who ultimately gets to decide what your life purpose is.

Those that we count amongst our most courageous and even perhaps our heroes, are those that decided what the meaning of their life was.  They used this purpose as the driving force in their life.  Their moments become congruent around this central theme.

Because their purpose was truly the definition of themselves, it became second nature to be living this meaning in every moment.

Begin by making a list of everything that is important to you.  Decide how you want things to improve for this list.  As you do this you will begin to see a central theme.  Make your mission as broad or as finite as feels right to you.  When it brings a tear to your eye or fills you with joy to think of this theme then you have found your life purpose.

This mission statement can change over time as you expand and grow, but I believe it will simply become more nuanced rather than completely shifting lanes.  Just as the best stories, the best companies, and perhaps even the best lives have a central purpose, as you develop yours, you will become much more focused, more effective, and much more you.

Give your life meaning.  Give it your meaning.  You are here for a reason.  Discover the reason and each moment will have purpose, direction, and life.


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