Love and Relationships

Everything in our life is about –  relationships

Relationships with ourselves, with others, with places, things, animals, ideas, thoughts, feelings, the whole kit and caboodle make up our life.  How we view ourselves and how we relate to others sets the ground work for our everyday lives.  If we think we are smarter than everyone else, we will act a certain way.  If we think we are dumber than. everyone else, we will act a certain way.

The truth of the matter is that we determine what is the truth of the matter.

The other important factor is that everything we receive in life, comes to us through relationships.  Whether we are given money, love, acceptance, gratitude, or any other commodity, it comes to us through a relationship with someone or something else. Relationships are the bridge or the method of transfer by which we take in elements of life that are essential to our growth and happiness.

Archangel Chamuel is our Archangel of Relationships.  He is also the Archangel of the lost and found.  With these two qualities, he is able to reintroduce us to, or relate us to, that which we thought we had lost.  One key factor that most people miss out on and that Archangel Chamuel teaches us, is that we can only connect with the people and the world around us in the same measure that we connect and regard ourselves.

We cannot truly love or care for another more than we love or care for ourselves.  It may feel as though we give everything out to the world.  When we deplete ourselves in the name of service or love, we are actually robbing ourselves and others of the full expression we are capable of.  When we love beyond the boundary of love we give to the man or woman in the mirror, we are truly giving out of the need to get something back.  When we truly love we give without an expectation of return.

When we give expecting to receive, we are always let down because the other will never be able to give the quantity or the quality that we require.  Love not freely given is not truly love but coercion.  When we give ourselves the full expression of our love, we are able to give out that same full expression to others.  As we give out love freely, miraculously it is given back to us ten fold.  When we give out with the requirement that we receive something back in return, we receive back ten percent at best.  When you give out $100 and receive back $10, you eventually will become insolvent and will be bankrupt in the love department.

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