Love is the Answer

No matter what the question, the best answer is always Love.

When you head in the direction, or ask the question, what would Love do, you always get the answer that results in joyful living.

The funny thing is that Love doesn’t always give everything away.  Love knows that sometimes letting others, and even ourselves, seek for a solution is the most loving route to take.

When solutions to problems come too easy, we become soft, complacent, and in most cases resentful of the source.  We intuitively know that we are here to grow and expand.

When we are smothered in love rather than called to become more, we are kept small and basically told that we aren’t good enough to do it on our own.

If the baby is never allowed to fall. it will never learn to walk and eventually run.

Love is the strongest Universal force available to us.  Our hearts are the direct connection or conductor of this energy into our being.

We are taught that our brains should be the decider or decoder of living, when it is our hearts that have the first and strongest connection with Universal wisdom.

Our hearts will always direct us towards our greatest source of growth and joy.  Ask Archangel Raphael who connects us to our heart chakra, to prepare us and open us up to limitless love and energy.

Open yourself to love, follow your heart, be a source of light in this world.

Love, Peace, Release

2 thoughts on “Love is the Answer”

  1. True friends are rare because they are usually so special and hard to find like rare jewels. Hang on to them. Love is the only answer. Keep on keeping on. It will happen.

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