Meditation What/Why/How from The Positive Vibes Show October, 2017

Positive Vibes from Project Positive Change presents “Meditation: What/Why/How. Today your host Pete Cossaboon is joined by visionaries Kerri Lake, Louise Cartwright, and Chris Von Der Mehden. Each of us explain what meditation means to us, why it has changed our lives, and how we meditate in this fast paced world.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, fearful, and confused watch the show and connect with our amazing thought leaders who can help you achieve the peace of mind you seek.

Kerri works with sensory awareness, using the animal kingdom as a blueprint to show us that our body is always in the NOW. As she says, “One purpose of meditation is to come to the present moment – do you realize you already have a constant companion that never leaves the present moment? Rather than silence the mind, invite it into a friendship – once it knows it’s included rather than ostracized, it starts finding new ways to actually help!”

People can feel the difference between the concept of presence and the sensations of presence, as they play with the mind as a friend in every situation. Connect with Kerri Lake here on Facebook or at her website

Louise is a money coach that helps us get over the concept that money is bad and that if we are Spiritual we shouldn’t charge money. She teaches that our problem with money is always about boundaries and not really with money. When asked, “What do you do for your clients?”, she says, “(sic)I Remove the crap that’s holding you back & help you design and live the business and life you dream about. I’m an intuitive coach and part of my true work is teaching business women how connecting to Universal energy and ending ourselves and these truths is a way to create what they desire with more ease and flow. Meditation is a huge part of that.”

She helps bring more clarity and confidence in creating the wealth and business you desire. You can reach Louise Cartwright here on Facebook or at her website

Chris went from being a chemical engineer and Spiritual seeker to teaching his brand of mindfulness called Mind Prana where he accelerates your awakening. You can reach Chris Von Der Mehdenhere on Facebook or at his website


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