One Time Card Reading Session

Missing clarity or confused?  Ask the Archangels for guidance and support in your life.  This one session card reading will give you the answers and direction you seek.

You can ask a direct question or ask for guidance on a specific area in your life such as health, finances, career, relationships, etc.  Pete will pull a set of four Angelic cards for you and relay to you the answer in a clear and concise message.

The Archangels want you to feel peace as you move through your path in your life.  You deserve clarity.  It is here for you.  Claim it today!!


Weekly Card Pull with Message

Need advice and clarity throughout the month?  This option gives you a special subscription price where you receive a weekly four card pull with a specific message just for you from the Archangels.

You can ask a specific question or give a certain topic each week for this reading.  The Archangels know just want you need to hear and when you are ready to receive it.

This is the best value for getting the answers you need.  Create an ongoing relationship with the Archangels through your weekly readings, and see transformation come quickly into your life.


Adithi bringer of Freedom, Safety, and Abundance is your personal connection to Archangel Uriel.  This natural Citrine gemstone is imbued with the powerful energy of Archangel Uriel.

Archangel Uriel connects you with wisdom, focus, and the aligning of your energy.

You will receive this beautiful gem to have, hold, and cherish.  Gems are natures hard drive.  Gems take in negative and positive energy but will only release positive energy back to you.  They will take in your negative energy and fill you with a sense of peace and joy along your path.

Bring abundance, energy, wisdom, and focus in to your life today with Adithi.


Bring this powerful teardrop gem into your life today and receive abundance in your business and your everyday life.

Boost Your Brilliance Group

What if you had a team?

What if you could feel confident and make quick decisions knowing you were moving in the right direction?

What if you had a personal assistant either there waiting to help you with anything that is important to you?

What if you had a rolodex of experts in every aspect of your life who are completely focused on your success?

Join a dynamic group of seekers of Angelic Truth.  The Archangels are here to be your envoy along the path of expansion, success, happiness, joy, and peace.

You will receive a monthly call, and teachings through the month showing you how to bring the Archangels into your everyday realm.