Where the world ends and you begin

To the flat Earth people there is an end of the world, where if you pass it, you fall off never to be seen again.  Is there a place that you exist where the world is not part of you?

One of the first things you realize as your Spirituality grows is how interconnected you are.  Sort of like the butterfly effect where the smallest change anywhere has ramifications all over.

This gives us as individuals both great freedom and great responsibility.  It means the we have the ability to make a change even though we are only one individual.  On the other hand, anything we do affects others.

If you also begin to fathom that we all are in tune with a Universal consciousness, then you see that even the thoughts and the expectations of reality you have are both cause and effect for the world as a whole.  The phenomenon of simultaneous invention occurs when two independent researches come to the same conclusion at the same time.

Is this really mere circumstance?  Or is there a Universal field of knowledge that is available to all?

If we really want the world to change, we simply need to make the change in ourselves.  You are the only one that you have direct influence over.  People aren’t influenced as much by what you say as they are by what you do.  Become the change you wish the world to have.

Love Peace Release

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